Gary Hale

Enterprise Software Engineer and Project Manager connecting information and people while ensuring strategic alignment with corporate goals. Excellent work history developing, migrating systems and data with uninterrupted service promoting collaboration, automation, quality direction and clarity with project initiatives.



Director of Application Management - Element Fleet Management Managing multiple initiatives related to application monitoring using server agents to monitor all enterprise applications. Rewrite of a legacy Java applications and replaced the File Transfer Gateway system using Cleo Harmony with over 200 corporate clients.

IT Project Management (Self Contracting) - Hale Technologies Services Various project initiatives PC’s, Network Cabling & Equipment (routers, switches, POE switches, UPS) upgrades, VOIP, video monitoring, cloud document sharing, email configuration, SharePoint document management, etc.

Software Project Management (Contracting) - T. Rowe Price Managed project teams using Microsoft Project via PWA (Project Web Application - SharePoint Project Portal) tracking budgets, timelines and resources with Project Management supporting documentation all within SharePoint and Clarity.

Software Development Management - Campbell & Company, Inc. Managed software support (C++) and custom development (C#) teams (24/6) using agile methodologies for over 10 years with $13b under management.

Director of IT - BOMI International Managed the enterprise system infrastructure, staff PC’s, publications of course material and student transcripts with over 55 users.

Director of IT - E&G Classics, Inc. Managed the enterprise system infrastructure, staff terminals/PC’s, graphics & web design, accounting, inventory and manufacturing systems with over 60 users.